Welcome! I've been making films for over 15 years- the majority of my life- and I am working to make a career out of it. On this site you will see several of my more recent projects. You'll have the chance to watch them, watch bonus clips and exclusive content (not featured on my youtube), see behind the scenes photos, and read about each project and my team. You'll also be able to find out a little bit about my other non-film projects. So, thanks for visiting! Explore, and see what you come across. For convenience, I've linked my more popular pages just below.

The goal of my films is to provide people with entertainment that also educates them in a way. Many of my films focus purely on fact, such as "The Last Signals", which is 100% factual. The majority of my other films are based on history and are meant to educate the viewer on the feel of the event, or to give a feel for how it was, without conveying significant facts.

"The Last Signals"                       "Breakdown"                      "Die Forelle"                      "Lost and Found"

"Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Five Acts"                      "Screaming Eagles"

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